Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My failed attempt at following a hair tutorial!

For the past few nights I have been meaning to try this very cool tutorial for "no heat curls" (Tutorial here: No Heat Curls).

It is supposed to produce big bouncy Sarah Jessica Parker type curls, and for those of you who actually follow the instructions, it probably will! I however, assumed that if I just make a ton more buns on my head then suggested, it can only get better? Right? Right?.....

Here is the night before, with my MANY little twisty buns on my head, ready to go to sleep.

They all stayed in tacked through the night too, probably why it turned out so very curly. Here is a oh so lovely morning picture:
 Then, I took out all my little buns, only to find this hot head of hear! owww oww!
I didn't think it was all that bad (not what I wanted, but okay), but the tutorial said to brush out your hair to get the look, so i went ahead and brushed it all out.... As it turns out, when you do the first step wrong, it tends to affect the other steps. After brushing my hair, it turned into this hot mess...
 So I decided to put all the hair in a pony tail to try and salvage the experience!
 I think the pony actually turned out pretty cute, but one friend of mine did ask me if I got a perm haha! I guess I'm just an over achiever!

The pony tail pictures are from the end of the day too, and I didn't put any hair spray in. At least I can say I made curls that held very well!

Also, just to clarify, the tutorial was lovely, and really well made... I am just not the best at 1, following instructions and 2, doing my hair. It was a fun experiment though!

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