Thursday, November 10, 2011


Recently I got my very own library card! I know most people get one of those when they are about 5 years old, but I moved to a new city for University and never bothered to use the public library (I'm sure most University Students don't).

But now that I have visited the public library a few times, I'm loving it. The P.L. has so many other types of books that the university library just doesn't have. I'm stuck in the crafts section right now and I don't plan on moving on too soon. Normally, I get my inspiration from the internet, there are so many wonderful websites and images, but there has been something nice about flipping through the pages of an actual book!

So far, I have only taken out about 6 different books, but they all have different techniques and ideas, and if nothing else, pretty pictures! I thought this honeycomb quilt idea was very exciting!

 I saw this book last time I stopped by and was ecstatic. I read about the book online when it came out last year and wanted to get it so bad, but it happened to cost around $50, so I skipped the purchase. Now I get to read through it all for free and if I really want to save an idea I can either take a picture of the page or photo copy it (even though that might make me 80 years old... photocopying craft ideas from a library book haha).

I'm pretty excited about my new source of inspiration and thought I should share! Hope everyone's having a good Thursday!

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