Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Great Night

 First off, thank you too all of the people who came out yesterday to the Fourth Fridays event. It was awesome, and really meant a lot to me!

The event was an art show/iterative craft event. My pieces were displayed around the room, and there was a big table in the center where people were crafting and making holiday decorations (or whatever they wanted to make)
We had a fairly good number come through, and the people that did come out were really excited to craft! It was a really cool experience to get to display my art work around the room too. I had a hard time figuring out how to display my quilts, but it worked out okay in the end I think. Definitely something I will have to think about/plan if I'm going to do another one of these events.

Check out the set up!

All the chairs were filled almost the whole evening! (I even had to get out more at one point!) :)

And the most amazing crazy thing happened... I sold one of my pieces!! I wasn't even close to cool about it either, I told her right away that she's the first person I have ever sold a piece too, and it was great! She was so nice about it, and didn't seem at all off put by my dorky excitement, in fact, I think she may have thought it was kind of endearing (at least I'm going with that). We even had a chance to talk for a while and she explained to me why the piece meant something to her, and why she wanted it. It was so cool.

 All in all it was a lovely event and I'm glad I did it!

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