Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewing for Family!

My Mom's birthday was just at the end of April, and she is very kind, and doesn't mind me still making her home made gifts. I decided to make her a throw pillow for her bed, because my parents have just redone there room!

Lucky for me they just had a chair upholstered and there was left over fabric, so it matches the room perfectly!

Here is the back, where there is a small flap so you can take the cover off to wash it, if need be.

Lastly, the pillow with the chair that it matches so well!

I also recently made a few things for my little cousin Anna. She needed some wrist guards so I came up with the follow idea!

They are pretty simple, but were very fun to make!

sadly I didn't have two pink flower fabrics, so those don't really match.

the inside

There they are! Hopefully they fit her okay, thankfully with Velcro there is lots of room for error.

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