Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilting Roommates 1.0

Last spring I moved into a house with 8 girls. when the 8 of us moved in together I was the only quilter, I do have one roommate who sewed already, but no other quilters.

Now, 11 months after moving in together, there are 4 roomies (other then me) who have completed quilts! So this begins my first installment of Quilting Roommates. There will be a total of 4 posts to show off each of the quilts that have been made! I am very excited.

I am starting off with my roommate Rebecca. She JUST finished her quilt (I'd say about 20 minutes ago). She let me take pictures right away.

This quilt is stunning, and I am so impressed! She used tiny little squares to create an overwhelmingly pretty quilt. It is really different then anything I have tried, and it has definitely given me new ideas on how to construct a quilt top.

I LOVE IT. I'm super impressed and the colours are out of control pretty.

I'll get pictures of roommate number 2's quilt asap, so I'll have another post ready in a few days. Get excited. :)

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