Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have the best roomies ever... and friends.. and family! haha  At least I labeled this post honestly, I am bragging!

I have been feeling all stressed with school lately, and then I got sick yesterday, so what did my roommates do? Of course they surprised me with the best flowers ever! (I LOVEEEEE flowers, a lot, an abnormal amount, so they made me very happy!)

they picked the most pink flowers and wrapping too! How sweet!

And I got a lovely "you did a great job" card from another roommate after organizing an event for the Engineering Society. Which was awesome, because who doesn't love being recognized?

aannndddd, upon learning that I was paying for the materials for the quilt I am donating (to a silent auction) my friends all helped and chipped in, and now half of the quilt cost has been covered by my friends! (and we are all students too, its not like they are rolling in cash, so it is extra appreciated. Thanks guys!)

AND (last one I swear), after I told my parents I was donating a quilt to the Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis Gala silent auction, they decided to buy tickets to attend, and are taking me and a friend, and actually managed to get enough people in on the event to fill a whole table! I'm very excited to get to attend with family and friends.

anyways, I'm basically trying to say thanks to everyone, it seems I have been the recipient of a lot of good things lately. I hope everyone knows how much I appreciate it. :)

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