Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crafty and not so crafty New Year’s resolutions

1. Complete 100 projects in 2011 (and remember to document them all! I forgot to take pictures of all of the home made gifts I sent to Winnipeg!.. dang) 
Maybe this will help?

2.  Wear dangly earrings more often. (I always want to wear them, but for some reason I think I need a really fancy event to actually do so)

I can wear these when I'm feeling bold (from Seablanket)
3.  Donate a quilt to a silent auction for a charitable organization I care about.
4. Take a belly dancing class (hopefully one with a recital, and at least some what covering outfits)
5. Try doing a Mosaic like the TV tray one below!
6. Join an actual or virtual Quilting Bee or Quilting Guild 
7. Is it too cliché to say be healthier without having any real concrete steps to do so?  ... because that’s what I’m going to do!
  8. Make a wall quilt for my room
Beautiful Wall Quilt by Crazy Mom Quilts
 9. Design my own quilt (instead of using a quilt pattern, which I have done for all of my other quilts.)
10. Design my own fabric on Spoonflower and make lots of lovely things out of it! 
That's all for now... what are your new years resolutions, crafty or otherwise?

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