Saturday, October 25, 2014

Web Design

Today was my last day of "Web Art and Design" at OCADU in Toronto. It has been such a neat class, and definitely a great use of my Saturday mornings.

It taught me the basics of HTML and CSS, two things I have been very interested in learning for a while. It has taught me a ton, and although there is lots more to learn, I now have the basics to keep going and learning on my own.

The best thing I learned was how to make the horizontal menu. It's basic, but it is also what you need to get the look I wanted for my site. I'm very excited to be able to have this new skill in my back pocket. 

I had 6 classes, and did make 6 websites, but I only have my most recent 4 here. The first two were... very basic! We focused more on the HTML for the first two classes, and the CSS is what makes websites pretty! I definitely enjoyed the classes even more once we incorporated the CSS! 

My goal now is to make a basic website that can be a hub for all of my online stuff. Youtube, blog, etc, all of it in one easy spot. I think it would be fun to put together a digital portfolio of some of my favourite creations. I'm not sure if my skills are good enough just yet, but with the internet and google, I'm sure I can get there! :)

Next I'm hoping to expand my photoshop and graphic design skills with another OCADU class... thankfully they run lots of them! 

Monday, October 13, 2014


Lately, I've been painting. Which is something I've hardly ever done since I started making stuff. I almost always make more crafty things, but this month, I've been painting!

I can't say I'm amazing at it, but I enjoy it so much! I've been painting mostly on cardboard and on board (the wooden painting surfaces). Both are are a lot of fun, but I enjoy cardboard a surprising amount. It just feels nice to paint on.

It's been fun to play around with the colours (I haven't bought a ton yet, but I love the few colours I do have!). I finally got a few different sizes and styles of paint brushes as well, and that definitely makes it more enjoyable. But mostly it's just nice to sit, and make something. There will always be something so soothing and wonderful about making. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

My Fresh New Mantel

I took some time last weekend to change up the mantel of my fire place. With $10 at IKEA (the plants and planters), some paint and rocks, and a few things from around the house I gave it a whole new look. I am very excited to have it looking fresh and calm.

I love having the green mixed in, even if it is fall right now. I have learned that I am a serial plant killer, so I'm happy to have some lovely fake (and always green!) plants. 

I made the candle holder below with air-dry clay, and painted it with acrylic silver paint. I'm still not sure if that is the best paint to use, but it seems to be holding up okay so far!

Don't you love toad stools? If there is anything I would start a collection of, it is definitely cute things with toad stools on them. :)

The large print below is a photo I took when I was visiting Detroit. I simply printed the image as an "engineers print" which you can do for less than $5 at any Staples or Business Depot. How awesome is that?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Road Trippin'

I have been off in Detroit, Chicago, Holland (Michigan), Point Pelee National Park (Canada) and many places in between. I went on my first ever road trip last week, and it was really lovely!

What an awesome way to travel and see the world around you.

Hopefully I will write up a nice list of do's and don'ts to share with you all, but in the mean time, here are a few pics from the trip!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael Brown and Racism

Yet again, an unarmed young black male has been killed by police. Unarmed.

This is a topic far from the norm on my little crafty blog, but I can't stay quiet. I have to at least try and join the conversation in a constructive way.

I have never had to fear police in the same way that so many non-white people, especially men, have. And yes, it may be better in Canada, but there is still, without a doubt, a racial bias in our police force.

I sit here reading news reports, and tweets, and blogs written by white people who have not done there homework. You can not respond to something only black people and other non-white groups experience by asking the question "but how does this affect white people?" or stating "not all white people are like that". Please stop making this about you.

ALL white people have an obligation to do their homework and understand their white privilege*. Yes, you may not have set up the system, but you benefit from it. You benefit from it every single day. And to sit there benefiting from white privilege without doing anything to work towards reducing it, is racist. Maybe not in the traditional way that you imagine racism, but it is racism. We need to listen to these stories, and to the people shouting in the streets of Ferguson, crying over the loss of another unarmed black young man.

Listen to the voices of the people of colour who have lived this experience. Listen to the people who have had to fear police their whole lives.

I have found a few articles, and blogs that I think add to this discussion in a constructive way:

*Not sure what this is? Please read up and learn about it:
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